Safety and Style: Our Residential
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We offer top-tier residential fence rental services, providing secure,
stylish, and customizable fencing options for any temporary need.
Our hassle-free installation ensures your satisfaction and safety from events to renovations.


Our mission is to provide secure and stylish residential fence rental in Barrie ON that meets our customers' diverse needs while offering unparalleled service, flexibility, and convenience, enhancing the safety and aesthetics of every home.


Our vision is to revolutionize residential fence rentals by leading with innovation, exceptional customer care, and eco-friendly options, ensuring every homeowner enjoys peace of mind and beauty in their temporary fencing solutions.

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Residential Fence Rental in Barrie ON

VG Fence Products offers remarkable residential fence rental in Barrie ON, designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. Whether you’re undergoing home renovations, hosting a special event, or require temporary privacy and security, our residential fence rental solutions are tailored to provide convenience and peace of mind. Our selection for residential fence rental services in Barrie Ontario, includes a variety of styles and materials, ensuring that the fence serves its functional purpose and complements your home’s aesthetic. 

We stay informed on the latest regulations, ensuring your fence rental complies with all legal requirements. This knowledge saves you time and prevents potential headaches, making the rental process smooth and compliant. We secure your home with quality fencing that reflects your standards without the commitment of a permanent installation. Call us today to safeguard your home.

Residential fence rental in Barrie ON

Our Residential Fence Rental Process

Our commitment to customer satisfaction shines through our streamlined residential fence rental services in Barrie ON. VG Fence Products ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, focusing on your specific needs and preferences. In order to fulfill your requirements for temporary fencing, our method is designed to offer you a solution that is free of concerns.

Consultation and Planning: Tailored advice to meet your fencing needs precisely

Site Inspection: Assessing property to recommend optimal fencing layout and type

Efficient Installation: Quick, professional setup with minimal disruption to your daily life

Ongoing Support: Access to our team for any queries or adjustments

Seamless Removal: Prompt, thorough fence removal at the end of rental

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Residential Fence Rental

Selecting VG Fence Products for your residential fence rental brings many advantages. We provide high-quality rental fences because we value the aesthetics and security of your property. From pet enclosures to privacy screens, our rental fences serve all these purposes. This versatility makes them ideal for any situation, whether you’re creating a safe play area for children or setting up for a private party.

Cost-Effective Solution: Avoid the expense of permanent fencing installations

Enhanced Privacy: Ideal for events or sensitive renovation projects

Temporary Security: Secure your property during short-term needs

Flexible Terms: Tailored rental periods to suit your schedule

Aesthetic Appeal: High-quality fences that complement your home’s style

Make a Lasting Impression with Our Elegant Fence Designs

We offer diverse fences, from elegant wrought iron to privacy-enhancing wood panels, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on style for functionality. Our commitment to quality for residential fence rental in Barrie ON, means you get durable, weather-resistant fencing that stands the test of time, even if it’s just for a while. Our fences are more than just visual barriers; they’re a means to ensure the safety and security of your property. Our fences are designed to prevent unauthorized access and provide a safe, enclosed space to give you peace of mind, knowing your loved ones and assets are protected. Our fences do more than function; they beautify your space. With designs that range from classic to contemporary, our rental fences enhance your home’s visual appeal for any occasion. Your property will be the talk of the block due to this precise eye for aesthetic detail, which will amaze both guests and onlookers.


What We Offers

Temporary Fence

We provide robust and reliable temporary fencing solutions for construction sites, events, and security needs. Easy to install and versatile for any temporary boundary or crowd control requirements.

Metal Fence

We are experts in providing long-lasting metal fencing solutions for homes, businesses, and industries. Our low-maintenance metal fences are built to last and offer enhanced security and aesthetic appeal.

Fence Rentals

We offer a wide range of fence rentals suitable for any occasion, from construction barriers to event enclosures. Our residential fence rental in Barrie ON, is available on flexible rental terms and quick setup options to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend clearing the area where the fence will be installed of any debris or obstructions. Our team will inform you during the initial consultation if specific requirements or preparations are needed for your property.

Our rental fences are built to withstand normal weather conditions. In case of severe weather, we advise taking any possible precautions to secure the fence further. If damage occurs, please contact us for assessment and resolution.

Our goal is to provide prompt service. The timeline for installation can vary based on the type and amount of fencing required, but we strive to have your fence installed as quickly as possible, often within a few days of your order.

Absolutely! Our expertise includes providing fencing solutions that accommodate various terrains, including slopes and uneven ground. During the site inspection, we'll assess your property to ensure the chosen fence type is suitable and secure for your specific landscape.

Why Choose Us

No Maintenance Worries

Our residential fence rental in Barrie ON, includes maintenance by us to ensure your fence remains in top condition throughout its stay. This hassle-free approach lets you enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, functional fence without the added chores.

Certified Professionals

Our team's extensive knowledge and experience guarantee that your fence rental will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and skill from start to finish. This depth of experience ensures high-quality service and customer approval.

Hosting our backyard wedding seemed daunting until we found them. Their elegant fencing options transformed our space beautifully. Exceptional service and attention to detail made our special day even more memorable.

VG Fence Products came through with fence rentals when we needed privacy for a family event. The process was hassle-free, and the fence looked great. Their team's professionalism and efficiency were beyond impressive.

Hear It From Our Happy Clients

After a storm damaged our fence, VG Fence Products was a lifesaver. Their quick installation meant our pets were safe again in no time. Careful, quick, and professional services that didn’t fail to impress.


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VG Fence Products offers remarkable residential fence rental in Barrie ON, designed to meet the diverse needs of homeowners.

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